Where to have Sunday brunch in Milan (or Saturdays too)

Brunch / Thursday, November 18th, 2021

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Sunday brunch in Milan is now a ritual: you wake up late after Saturday night, meet friends and chat about how the week went over an avocado toast, scrambled eggs and a fruit juice. But brunch in Milan is not just eggs and avocado and it’s not no longer just on Sundays. Here are some of my favorite brunch spots in Milan for Sunday and (in some cases – check their websites) Saturday.

Brunch à la carte at Salt Food Atelier

Not a fan of the classic brunch formula or buffet-style brunches? Salt Food Atelier Scottish restaurant has an à la carte brunch menu with a variety of options, including some typical UK dishes, such as scones! We spent about €28 each on two dishes. The food is good, the price is fair, and the service is with a smile. Note: there are no metro stations close by (M3 Porta Romana is the closest), but the area is well connected to the city tram and bus lines.

© Serena Milici

Brunch on Sunday and Saturday at Da Otto in Paolo Sarpi

Otto in Paolo Sarpi has one of the most famous (and instagrammable) brunches in Milan. The brunch menu costs about €17 and includes: 1 panini + 1 large side + 3 small sides + water + American coffee + milk (including soy). The atmosphere is easygoing, the food is all delicious, the area is easy to reach by metro and tram. The plus? Shopping in Paolo Sarpi (Chinatown) afterwards in the ethnic shops and more.

© Serena Milici

Where to have brunch in Milan? In Tel Chi!

Tel Chi brunch costs about €20 and includes 1 savory dish, 1 sweet dish, 1 hot drink of your choice (from American coffee, espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino or hot tea) and bread, butter and jam, fruit salad, Greek yogurt with honey, water and orange juice (free refill). The location is small and nice, the area is easy to reach by bus or tram, but it doesn’t have a metro nearby.

© Serena Milici

Brunch in Milan: the complete list

Here is a lengthy selection of brunch spots to try in Milan, in alphabetical order:

  • Avo Brothers (Corso XXII marzo 25 – there is no metro close by, but you can take the bus or tram)
  • Babouche (Via Maestri Campionesi 16, metro: M3 Porta Romana, but I suggest using the bus or tram)
  • Biancolatte (Via Filippo Turati 30 – metro M3 Turati)
  • Le Biciclette (Via Giovanni Battista Torti 2 – metro M2 Sant’Ambrogio)
  • Cantun (Viale Severino Boezio, 2 – M5 Tre Torri)
  • Clotilde (Via Galileo Galilei, 2 – metro M3 Repubblica)
  • Cocotte (Via Benvenuto Cellini 1 – metro M3 Porta Romana or M1 Porta Venezia, but I suggest taking the bus or tram) – Here’s my review of brunch at Cocotte
  • Combo (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83 – M2 Porta Genova)
  • Crazy Cat Cafè (Via Napo Torriani, Via Alfredo Cappellini, 5 – M3 Repubblica) – Read my article
  • Crosta (Via Felice Bellotti 13 – metro M1 Porta Venezia) – Here’s the review of brunch at Crosta
  • Deus (Via Genova Thaon di Revel 3 – M3 Zara, M5 Isola)
  • Dhole (Via Gerolamo Tiraboschi 2, metro: M3 Porta Romana or Lodi tibb) – Read the dedicated article in Italian for my full review.
  • Erba Brusca (Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286 – there’s no metro close by, so I suggest using a car or tram
  • Fancy Toast (Piazza della Trivulziana, 5 – M5 Bicocca)
  • Fuorimano OTBP (Via Roberto Cozzi 3 – M5 Ca’ Granda or Bicocca)
  • Globe (Piazza Cinque Giornate 1 – there’s no metro stop close by, so it’s better to use the bus or tram)
  • God Save The Food (Via Tortona 34 M2 Porta Genova + Piazza del Carmine 1 M2 Lanza Brera + Viale Piave 18 M1 Porta Venezia)
  • Hygge (Via Giuseppe Sapeto 3 – M2 Sant’Ambrogio) – Read the review of Hygge in Milan
  • Iter (Via Mario Fusetti 1 – M2 Porta Genova)
  • L’Ile Douce (Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15 – M5 Isola)
  • L’OV (via Vincenzo Monti 47 – M1 ed M2 Cadorna + via Solari 34 – metro M2 Porta Genova and San Agostino) – Here’s my review of brunch at L’OV in Milan
  • Madison (Viale Sabotino 12 – metro M3 Porta Romana) – Here’s my review of brunch at Madison in Porta Romana
  • Ofelè (Via Savona 2 – M2 Sant’Agostino)
  • Ostello Bello (Via Medici 4 – M3 Missori)
  • Otto (Via Paolo Sarpi 8 – metro M5 Monumentale) – Read the dedicated article in Italian for my full review.
  • Pavé (Via Felice Casati, 27 – M3 Repubblica)
  • Quasilocanda (Via Paolo Mantegazza, 38 – Villapizzone train station)
  • Salt Food Atelier (Via Pier Lombardo 23 – metro M3 Porta Romana) – Check out the dedicated article in Italian for my full review.
  • Santeria (Via Privata Ettore Paladini 8 + viale Toscana 31 – I suggest taking the bus or tram for both locations)
  • Spica (Via Melzo, 9 – M1 Porta Venezia) – Here’s my brunch review for Spica
  • Tel Chi (Via Silio Italico, 1 – metro M3 Porta Romana), – Check out the dedicated article in Italian for my full review.
  • Upcycle (Via Andrea Maria Ampère 59 – M2 Piola)
  • Vanilla Bakery (Via S. Siro, 2 – M1 Buonarroti)

Obviously, I couldn’t mention all the brunches spots in Milan, because otherwise this article would never end!

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And which brunch spots do you suggest in Milan? Are there others you would have added? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram @serenafoodieinsider!

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