Best hamburgers in Milan: 10 must-try burger joints


Article written by the contributor Giulia Minguzzi  You can read this article in Italian here I have to admit, I have a soft spot for a nice sandwich filled with juicy ingredients and enjoyed while watching a good movie. But if you’d rather eat with your friends at a restaurant where the one and only […]

3 December 2022

Weekend in Cinque Terre: the complete itinerary


Article written by the contributor Giulia Minguzzi  You can read this article in Italian here Having been born in La Spezia (province of the Cinque Terre) and having visited these wonderful places all throughout my childhood, I consider myself a true local of the Cinque Terre – someone who lived her childhood along the cliffs of […]

3 December 2022

Michelin star restaurants in Milan: the list

Dinner, Lunch

Updated on 9th November 2022 You can read it in Italian here Every year a new Michelin guide with top Italian restaurants get published and every year people wonder which city will be the one with the most stars. In 2022/2023 Milan got 16 restaurants on the list. Do you want to know their names? […]

9 November 2022

The 8 best pizzerias in Munich according to an Italian


You can read this article in Italian here and in German here. “Munich is Italy’s northernmost city”– you may or may not have heard this common saying. The reason? Bavarians love to vacation in northern Italy (especially in South Tyrol and Lake Garda, or should I say “Gardasee” in German), which is why so many of […]

8 November 2022

Living in Milan: pros and cons of moving here


You can read this article in Italian here. Since I write a blog on Milan, I frequently find myself responding to questions from people thinking about moving to Milan and are researching it. Given the interest in the topic, I made the decision to write a blog post that, in my opinion, lists the benefits […]

20 July 2022

Cheap eats in Milan: 13 ideas for eating low cost

Dinner, Lunch

You can also read this article in Italian here Article written by contributor Giulia Minguzzi Looking for cheap eats in Milan? Finding cheap places to eat in Milan is becoming more and more difficult as time goes on, especially now that people are starting to go out more often for lunch or dinner and restaurant […]

1 June 2022

The best restaurants in Milan city centre to try

Dinner, Lunch

You can also read this article in Italian here If you’re in Milan for a few days, or even hours, and you don’t have time to explore the areas of the city that are full of excellent restaurants, like Porta Romana or Porta Venezia, I’ve come up with a list of the best restaurants in […]

18 February 2022

Historic Milan Patisserie to eat Italian sweets

Breakfast, Snack

You can also read this article in Italian here Elderly ladies donning jewels and fur coats, seated at marble tables with wooden chairs, indulging in cakes and pastries served by waiters in formal attire in a historic pastry shop – this is the definition of the “sciura”, and Milan is full of them. In Milanese […]

18 February 2022

10 Munich food bloggers you should follow


What is a food blogger? A food blogger is someone who, for business or hobby communicates through food, talks about food, writes about food … A food blogger doesn’t necessarily have to cook to be considered such (although most do), so you will also find mostly “restaurant” bloggers in this article.  Curious to discover every […]

1 February 2022

Where to have breakfast in Milan, by area

Breakfast, Snack

Puoi leggere questo l’articolo sulla colazione a Milano anche in italiano. Having breakfast is one of my favorite things in the world. If I could, I would have breakfast at least twice every day, each time in a different bakery. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way, but that’s not to say that there aren’t […]

18 November 2021