Michelin star restaurants in Milan: the list

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Updated on 25th November 2021 Every year a new Michelin guide with top Italian restaurants get published and every year people wonder which city will be the one with the most stars. In 2021/2022 Milan got 15 restaurants on the list. Do you want to know their names? Keep reading! Michelin star restaurants in Milan […]

2 October 2022

Cheap eats in Milan: 13 ideas for eating low cost

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You can also read this article in Italian here Article written by contributor Giulia Minguzzi Looking for cheap eats in Milan? Finding cheap places to eat in Milan is becoming more and more difficult as time goes on, especially now that people are starting to go out more often for lunch or dinner and restaurant […]

1 June 2022

The best restaurants in Milan city centre to try

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You can also read this article in Italian here If you’re in Milan for a few days, or even hours, and you don’t have time to explore the areas of the city that are full of excellent restaurants, like Porta Romana or Porta Venezia, I’ve come up with a list of the best restaurants in […]

18 February 2022

Where to eat the best pasta in Milan

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In Milan, it’s easy to find restaurants that specialize in one type of product: restaurants that base the entire menu around avocados, restaurants that only make tacos, restaurants that only serve fish … and of course restaurants that specialize in pasta! In this article, I’ll list at least 8 restaurants to try if you want […]

1 August 2021

Restaurants in Brera in Milan: where to eat

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You can read this article in Italian here Article written by contributor Gaia Zecchillo As the Baustelle song goes “Mamma che ne dici di un romantico a Milano?“. And, if it wasn’t clear, I’m a bit of a romantic too. Is this why I always get butterflies in my stomach when I walk around in […]

1 August 2021

Gluten-free bars and restaurants in Milan

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Milan, as you may know, is a city where you can find everything: barley cappuccino with almond milk, avocado toast made with sweet potato instead of bread, the fruitarian pub, the Uzbek restaurant. Then it should come as no surprise that there are many completely gluten-free restaurants in Milan (or that offer gluten-free options). Here […]

11 April 2020