Where to eat the best pasta in Milan

Dinner, Lunch / Sunday, August 1st, 2021

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In Milan, it’s easy to find restaurants that specialize in one type of product: restaurants that base the entire menu around avocados, restaurants that only make tacos, restaurants that only serve fish … and of course restaurants that specialize in pasta! In this article, I’ll list at least 8 restaurants to try if you want to eat the best pasta in Milan, area by area.

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Pasta d’Autore: grandma’s homemade pasta

Let’s start with one of the first restaurants that specializes in fresh pasta: Pasta d’Autore. Pasta d’Autore is located a short distance from the Colonne di San Lorenzo and via Torino, and the restaurant creates a clear identity: the fresh pasta and family atmosphere is reminiscent of when grandma cooks fresh pasta on Sundays for everyone. The specialty: braised ravioli in a braised sauce.

Each dish can be customized with different types of pasta and different sauces and every day there’s a new sauce of the day. The tiramisu is amazing and the staff very kind. You can also buy fresh pasta to take home. I highly recommend it!

Pasta d’Autore
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 16 (Colonne di San Lorenzo)


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MiScusi: the pasta restaurants of Milan

MiScusi is a real institution in Milan: the food is good, the wait staff is kind, the restaurants are located in strategic positions and … everything is super Instagrammable (I know you care since my article on the most Instagrammable bars in Milan is one of the most read articles on my blog).

Here you can also customize the meal to fit your tastebuds. Choose the type of pasta (they also have gluten free), the sauce and add any cheese or nuts. An example? The “Tricolore” – pacchero with tomato sauce, burrata, pistachio cream and chopped pistachios.

I already wrote an in-depth review on MiScusi that I invite you to read, so I won’t dwell on it here. If you go to Miscusi you won’t regret it –  it’s a great place to eat pasta in Milan! MiScusi also has several stores in other Italian cities including Pavia and Bergamo in Lombardy.

Via Pompeo Litta, 6 (Cinque Giornate)
Piazza S.Camillo de Lellis (Stazione Centrale/Repubblica)
Piazza Tito Minniti, 6 (Isola)
Via Urbano III, 3 (Colonne di San Lorenzo)
via Giacomo Leopardi 13 (Stazione Cadorna)


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Pasta Fresca da Giovanni in the Navigli area

Another place to eat fresh pasta in Milan is Pasta Fresca da Giovanni in the Conciliazione area. Here they really specialize in pasta – so much so that you can eat only and exclusively pasta, there are no second courses or coffee or anything else on the menu. The restaurant is small and very basic but always very well reviewed.

Pasta Fresca da Giovanni
via Ascanio Sforza, 31 (M2 Porta Genova)

Eat pasta at Zibo Campo Base

One of the favorite pasta restaurants of the Milanese is certainly Zibo Campo Base. Zibo was founded in 2015 as a food truck and “took root” in Sant’Ambrogio, near Università Cattolica. The ravioli alla carbonara and gyoza alla milanese are iconic. Other dishes are also available, like the pastrami sandwich.

Zibo Cuochi Itineranti
Via Caminadella, 21 (Sant’Ambrogio)


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Pastamadre and fresh pasta in Porta Romana

Another fresh pasta restaurant “must” in Milan is undoubtedly Pastamadre, a very popular place in the Porta Romana area. Here there are a lot of fresh pasta dishes, but also meat, fish and desserts. An example from the menu: paccheri with duck sauce, spaghetti alla chitarra with a yellow tomato sauce accompanied by red prawn tartare and stracciatella, ravioli with fish. The prices of Pastamadre pasta range from around € 11 to € 16 approximately. Here’s my review of Pastamadre in Porta Romana.

Via Bernardino Corio, 8 (Porta Romana)


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Pasta Fresca Brambilla in Porta Venezia

Want a nice plate of pasta in Porta Venezia? You should definitely check out Pasta Fresca Brambilla, a small bistro with just a few tables where you can also buy fresh pasta to take home and cook yourself.

Pasta Fresca Brambilla
Via Melzo, 2 (Porta Venezia)

Where else can you buy fresh pasta in Milan?

Here’s another couple of places to buy the best pasta in Milan: Pasta Fresca Pesce Emiliana Milano (Corso Indipendenza, 14), I Sapori della Pasta (Via Alessandro Volta, 15 – online at pommo.it), Emiliana Tortellini Milano (Via Ariberto, 17) and finally Eataly (Piazza Venticinque Aprile, 10).

Of course, there are many restaurants that offer fresh pasta in Milan, but in this article I only wanted to include the ones that are more specialized on this staple. And what about you? Do you know other pasta restaurants in Milan? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram!

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Credits for the opening picture: © Zibo Campo Base