The best restaurants in Milan city centre to try

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You can also read this article in Italian here If you’re in Milan for a few days, or even hours, and you don’t have time to explore the areas of the city that are full of excellent restaurants, like Porta Romana or Porta Venezia, I’ve come up with a list of the best restaurants in […]

18 February 2022

Where to eat the best pasta in Milan

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In Milan, it’s easy to find restaurants that specialize in one type of product: restaurants that base the entire menu around avocados, restaurants that only make tacos, restaurants that only serve fish … and of course restaurants that specialize in pasta! In this article, I’ll list at least 8 restaurants to try if you want […]

1 August 2021

Lunch at MiScusi, a restaurant for fresh pasta in Milan

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I told before you about the MiScusi restaurant in Milan, including it in my list of favorite restaurants of 2018. Here are some more details about this chain that specializes in fresh pasta (and social communication!). The first MiScusi was opened in Cinque Giornate (right behind the Coin) on February 18, 2017 and since then, […]

11 April 2020