Restaurants in Brera in Milan: where to eat

Dinner, Lunch / Sunday, August 1st, 2021

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Article written by contributor Gaia Zecchillo

As the Baustelle song goes “Mamma che ne dici di un romantico a Milano?“. And, if it wasn’t clear, I’m a bit of a romantic too. Is this why I always get butterflies in my stomach when I walk around in Brera?

Ah no, maybe I’m just hungry. But if you’re a bit hungry too and you’re wondering where to eat in Brera without spending much (or at least not a lot), I’ve got some suggestions that could suit you. Let’s take a look!


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Restaurants to try in Brera: Sette Cucina Urbana

The list of restaurants in Brera in Milan may actually be endless. This delectable neighborhood with picturesque streets lies in the heart of Milan and is home to a few small treasures, not only in terms of art. One of these treasures is Bioesserì, which I already wrote about in the article dedicated to the 3 restaurants that have a special place in my heart.

I recently discovered another place in the Brera area, which was more than satisfactory: I’m talking about Sette Cucina Urbana, in via Via dell’Orso, 2. It’s a restaurant (also a café and lounge bar) that offers delicious dishes inspired by traditional Lombard cuisine, revisited in a decidedly creative way. After a small taste of spaghetti allo scoglio (I asked for a half portion because I was curious to try them) I ordered the catch of the day, vanilla flavored sea bass with vegetable cream, to be precise. Truly exquisite. Enjoying dinner in the open air on a summer evening in the inner courtyard is also a must.

Sette Cucina Urbana
Via dell’Orso, 2.
Metro M3 Montenapoleone, Tram 1, 2, 12, 14

The Pizzacoteca di Brera: gourmet pizza in a retro atmosphere

It happens all the time: you feel like having a pizza for your lunch in Milan and are spoiled for choice on where to go. If you’re in Milan, then, the situation gets even more complex. And Brera is definitely not a neighborhood without its pizzerias, most of which are frequented by tourists. The Pizzacoteca di Brera was a nice discovery: a place recommended by TheFork, which I always return to happily after walking through the narrow streets of the Milanese center. In this restaurant in Via Brera 29 you’ll find a wide selection of gourmet pizzas and a retro atmosphere, with soft lighting and carefully chosen ingredients. The slow rising of the dough is the secret to a tasty pizza that is tempting just to look at and goes down easy. In short, a work of art in harmony with the philosophy of the place.

La Pizzacoteca di Brera
Via Brera 29
Metro M2 Lanza, M3 Montenapoleone, Bus 61


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Torre di Pisa: Trattoria Toscana in Via Fiori Chiari in Milan

The Tuscan tradition gives off the scent of genuine food and good wine. If you are in Milan but you love to travel for the joys of cuisine, this is the place for you. Strolling in via Fiori Chiari, you cannot help but notice the elegance of the stylishly decorated walls and the wooden chairs that bring an ancient tradition to mind: one made of tastefully matched details. Pamper yourself with a charcuterie appetizer featuring typical cold cuts and cheeses, a homemade first course or a tasty steak. But leave a little room for dessert: cantucci with Vin Santo and other delicacies fittingly complete the menu.

Torre di Pisa
Via Fiori Chiari, 21
Metro M2 Lanza, Bus 61

Eating in Brera on a budget: la Salsamenteria di Parma

Trying to come up with ideas for where to have lunch and dinner in Brera without spending too much? Here’s an option that’s less costly cheaper but just as tasty: the Salsamenteria di Parma. At the Salsamenteria di Parma (Via Ponte Vetero, 11) you’ll find a series of first courses that cost around € 10. Here the real specialty are the charcuterie boards: from Parma prosciutto to Felino salami, a treat for your taste buds and for your spirit.

Salsamenteria di Parma
Via Ponte Veneto,11
Metro M2 Lanza, M1 Cairoli Castello, Tram  2, 12, 14

Restaurants in Brera in Milan: a list

A little list for you to screenshot and use:

  • Carminio -via del Carmine, 3
  • Hekfan – via M. Formentini, 2
  • La Pizzacoteca di Brera – Via Brera 29
  • Salsamenteria di Parma – Via Ponte Veneto, 11
  • Sette Cucina Urbana – Via dell’Orso, 2
  • Torre di Pisa – Via Fiori Chiari, 21

This is just a small taste of the restaurants in Brera in Milan. Do you know others? Which one is your favorite? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram.

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Article written by contributor Gaia Zecchillo