Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 7 restaurants everyone will enjoy

Dinner, Lunch / Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Potete leggere l’articolo sui migliori ristoranti di Navigli anche in italiano.

The “Navigli” is most likely one of the areas of the city that need no introduction. But I’ll take a moment to say a few words on the area before moving on to its many restaurants. This area of Milan’s vibrant nightlife is situated between the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese, two canals that were once used to transport people and goods into the city, though now you’ll only see the occasional tour boat traverse its waters.

The area is famous for its nightlife, antique and retro markets, the traditional flower festival held in the area and the many artists that live in the area (not to mention the great photos you can take at the sunset!). The area is well connected, serviced by several public transit lines, such as the Porta Genova metro station on the green line of the metro, as well as trams 3, 9, 10.

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy
© Serena Milici

The Navigli area of Milan falls between Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, via Ascanio Sforza, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, the Darsena, Ripa di Porta Ticinese and nearby streets via Vigevano and via Corsico. In the Navigli, you’ll find pubs, clubs, breweries, enotecas and of course, restaurants! Are you ready to read what 5 restaurants I recommend in the Navigli?

Here they are on the map, from North to South: Bacaro Navigli, Posto di Conversazione, Temakihno, Antica Marmeria, Fabbrica Pizzeria.

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy

Osteria della Darsena (Bacaro Navigli): a great Italian restaurant

This delicious Italian restaurant has two entries: one from via Vigevano and another from the courtyard that looks onto the Naviglio Grande (though it closes in the late evening). The atmosphere is charming and simple. Perfect for small groups of friends or couples, the Bacaro offers great service and an even better wine selection, while the menu is sure to please everyone. The plate the stole my heart was the ricotta made from Modica sheep’s milk, infused with honey and served with fresh fruit of the season. I even asked for a third helping! I also highly recommend the first course dishes!

Bacaro Navigli (Osteria della Darsena)
via Vigevano, 1

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy
© Serena Milici e Bacaro Navigli

Posto di Conversazione: fresh pasta in the Navigli

Posto di Conversazione was a pleasant surprise on a Sunday afternoon. I initially thought it was a “tourist trap” but I was hungry so I went inside. I have never eaten tagliatelle so good, not even in Bologna! The first course is fresh pasta, the cuisine is traditional Milanese for the most part, and the interior is vaguely retro with a vaulted ceiling and wooden furniture. The service is excellent and the bill was modest for the quality of the food, service and its coveted positioning in the Navigli. I would highly recommend this restaurant for those who are looking for a good Italian restaurant in the Navigli.

Posto di Conversazione
via Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 6

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy
© Serena Milici

Temakihno: the most famous Japanese-Brazilian fusion

Temakihno needs no introduction. In Milan, Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine is well-loved. After all, people really like Asian restaurants here in general. There are many “unusual” flavors to try (like the uramaki Atum Cajù, with mushrooms and mango), though you can also get “traditional” sushi like the Salmao Completo. The cocktails are delicious, especially the mango Sakerihna, a type of sake caipirinha. It is difficult to get a table without a reservation, so I suggest you reserve in advance on their website. In Milan, you can find Temakihno in the Navigli, Brera, Cadorna Magenta (the biggest one, which also offers live music) and in Duomo.

Temakihno Navigli
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 37

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy
© Temakinho

Fabbrica Pizzeria: Pizza tastes better in good company

Fabbrica Pizzeria is always a crowd-pleaser when you’re looking for a place to eat good pizza in the Navigli. The place is big and loud, great for groups and couples. The pizza is good, the staff is nice, and the bill is honest (you can check out their menu here). If you want to keep the good times rolling, you can visit one of the amazing bars in the area, like Rita and Pinch. And best of all, in the spring, the walls of Fabbrica Pizzeria turn white as the buds growing up the side of the building begin to blossom, truly a spectacular sight.

Fabbrica Pizzeria
Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 70

Where to eat in the Navigli of Milan: 5 restaurants everyone will enjoy
© Serena Milici e Fabbrica Pizzeria

Restaurants in Navigli: a list

Here a little list for you to screenshot:

  • 28 posti (via Corsico, 1)
  • Bussarakham (via Valenza, 13) 
  • The Brisket (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 65)
  • Damm-atrà (via Lombardini, 1)
  • L’Osteria del Gnocco Fritto (Via Pasquali Paolo, 2)
  • The Meatball Family (via Vigevano, 20)
  • Posto di Conversazione (Via Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 6)
  • Officina del Riso (Via Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 62)
  • Tenoha (Via Vigevano, 18)
  • Temakinho (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 37)

If, on the other hand, you want to eat in a more relaxed atmosphere that won’t break the bank, be sure to mark down the almighty Spontini (via Vigevano, 1), who’s been feeding us for generations with pizza by the slice and lasagna. Otherwise, you can check out Spritz (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 9), a little place located at the beginning of the Naviglio Grande which offers a hearty aperitif, where even your vegetarian friends or those with food intolerances will be able to eat without any trouble.

What do you think of the restaurants I’ve chosen? Have you ever been to any of them? Let me what you think on Facebook or Instagram!