Pizzerias in Milan: best pizza by area, according to an Italian

Dinner, Lunch / Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

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Everyone loves pizza, and for many, dinner at a pizzeria with friends is an indispensable ritual every weekend. While relying on the same restaurant helps us avoid disappointments, it’s nice to change occasionally, or at least have a go-to pizzeria in every part of the city. So here’s an article on the best pizzerias in Milan, area by area.

Where to eat in Duomo
© Serena Milici

Good pizzerias in downtown Milan (avoiding tourist traps)

First of all, what do we mean by downtown Milan? For simplicity, I will consider the city center as the area within a radius of about 1km from the Duomo, touching the areas of Brera, Montenapoleone, San Babila, Duomo, Missori, Colonne di San Lorenzo, and Cadorna.

Here’s a list of the best pizzerias in downtown Milan:

  • I 12 Gatti – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11 (M1 M3 Duomo)
  • Dry Milano – via Solferino, 33 (M2 Moscova)
  • Pizzeria Daniele – Via Galeazzo Alessi, 1 (M2 Sant’Agostino)
  • Gino Sorbillo – Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11 (M1 San Babila)
  • Materia – via del Torchio, 1 (M3 Missori)
  • Vurria – via della Moscova, 27 (M2 Moscova and M3 Turati)
  • Da Zero – via dell’Orso, 4 (M1 Cairoli)
© Serena Milici

Pizzerias in the Navigli and Cattolica University area

Giulia from the editorial team wrote a beautiful article on the best pizzerias in Navigli and surroundings, to which I refer you for details. In the meantime, here’s a compact list to screenshot:

  • Amunì – Via Solari, 7 (M2 Sant’Agostino)
  • Berberè – Via Vigevano, 8 (M2 Porta Genova)
  • Bottega Verace – Via Ascanio Sforza, 47 (M2 Porta Genova)
  • Capatosta Navigli – Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 56 (M2 Porta Genova)
  • Capuano’s – Via Orseolo, 1 (M2 Sant’Agostino)
  • Napoli 1820 – Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 62 (M2 Porta Genova)
  • Pizza e Mozzarella – Via Carlo Torre, 22 (M2 Romolo; bus 90)
  • Pizzium – Via Vigevano, 33 (M2 Porta Genova)
  • Pomodorini e Basilico – Via Savona, 75 (M2 Porta Genova; tram 14)
  • Sciue Navigli – Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 6 (M2 Porta Genova)
© Giulia Minguzzi

Pizzerias in the Isola and Porta Garibaldi area

Isola and Garibaldi are among the liveliest areas in Milan, home to many “chain” pizzerias as well as neighborhood gems. Here’s a list of the best pizzerias in the area:

  • Assaje – via Traù, 2 (M5 Isola)
  • Berberè – via Sebenico, 21 (M5 Isola)
  • Fra Diavolo – via Genova Thaon de Revel, 10 (M5 Isola) full review here
  • Pizzeria Al 91 – viale Marche, 91 (M3 Maciachini)
  • Pizzeria Naturale – via Gaetano da Castillia, 24 (M2 Gioia)
  • Denis – Via dello Statuto, 16 (M2 Moscova; Bus 43 and 94)
  • Vurria – via Pietro Borsieri, 28 (M5 Isola)

Pizzerias near Central Station

Francesca from the editorial team wrote a beautiful article on the best pizzerias near the main train station (Stazione Centrale), to which I refer you for details. Here’s a nice list to screenshot:

  • Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Piazza della Repubblica, 27 (M3 Repubblica)
  • Antro della Sibilla – Via San Gregorio, 37 (M2 M3 Central Station and M3 Repubblica)
  • Berberè – Via Alfredo Cappellini, 18/A (M2 M3 Central Station and M3 Repubblica)
  • Frijenno Magnanno – Via Benedetto Marcello, 93 (M2 M3 Central Station and M3 Repubblica)
  • Lievità – Via Settala, 16 (M3 and Passante Repubblica)
  • Napule è Fratelli Coppola – Via Alfredo Cappellini, 23 (M2 M3 Central Station)

Pizzerias in the Porta Venezia area

Porta Venezia is the perfect area to go out with friends: lots of bars one after the other, many young people, Art Nouveau masterpieces, and plenty of transport options… I always recommend it. Below are the best pizzerias in the Porta Venezia area:

  • Crosta – via Felice Bellotti, 13 (M1 and Passante Porta Venezia)
  • Cocciuto – via Melzo, 16 (M1 and Passante Porta Venezia)
  • Giolina – via Felice Bellotti, 6 (M1 and Passante Porta Venezia)
  • Mani in Pasta – via Pisacane, 47 (M1 and Passante Porta Venezia)
  • Piccola Ischia – via Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 7 (M1 and Passante Porta Venezia)
© Cocciuto

Pizzerias in the Porta Romana and Risorgimento area

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the best pizzerias in Porta Romana, to which I refer you for details. Here’s a convenient list to screenshot:

  • Cocciuto – Via Gian Carlo Passeroni, 2 (M3 Porta Romana)
  • Crocca – via Galvano Fiamma, 2 (M4 Dateo)
  • Marghe – Via Cadore, 26 (M3 Porta Romana)
  • Pepe Nero – Viale Umbria, 11 (M3 Lodi Tibb)
  • Piccola Ischia – Viale Umbria, 60 (M3 Lodi Tibb)
  • Pizza Am – Corso di Porta Romana, 83 (M3 Crocetta)
  • Pizzium – Via Augusto Anfossi, 1 (M3 Porta Romana)
  • Santa Margherita – Via Spartaco, 16 (M3 Porta Romana)
  • Il Pomodorino – Via Crema, 3 (M3 Porta Romana)

Pizzerias in the West area of Milan

When we talk about West Milan, we mean the area that includes De Angeli, Pagano, Wagner, Buonarroti, Washington, Vercelli, and Conciliazione. Ready to discover the best pizzerias in the area?

  • Antica Pizzeria Leone – via Carlo Ravizza, 9 (M1 Wagner)
  • Assaje – via Raffaele Sanzio, 14 (M1 Wagner)
  • Lievità – via Carlo Ravizza, 11 (M1 Wagner)
  • Pizzium – via Rembrandt, 2 (M1 Bande Nere)
  • Pizzikotto – Via Celio, Piazza Melozzo da Forlì, 2 (M2 Gambara)
  • Mare Culturale Urbano – (M5 San Siro)

Pizzerias in the Sempione and City Life area

Finally, here are the best pizzas in the northwest of Milan, in the City Life and Corso Sempione area:

  • Pizzeria Capuano’s Londonio – via Francesco Londonio, 22 (M5 Gerusalemme)
  • Cocciuto – via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 33 (M5 Gerusalemme)
  • Garage Pizza and Co – Corso Sempione, 42 (M5 Gerusalemme)
  • Fra Diavolo – via Agostino Bertani, 2 (M2 Moscova)
  • Pizzeria Starita – via Giovanni Gherardini, 1 (M2 Moscova)
© Giulia Minguzzi

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