Where to eat out in the CityLife area of Milan? Here are the best restaurants 

Aperitif, Lunch / Friday, July 10th, 2020

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Article written by contributor Katherine Melendrez

A product of the redevelopment of the area surrounding the former exposition center, CityLife is a paradigm of modern-day Milan: modern, dynamic and in continuous transformation. After all, as the saying goes, “nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.

A little bit removed from the city center, today CityLife is known for being one of those areas where, you’re either born into the “right family”, or, like the rest of us from the “thousand-euro-per-month generation”, you’ll never be able to afford an apartment there. But, if you are lucky enough to work in the area, we’ve come up with some hidden gems where you can eat, based on the restaurants’ prices, menu and service.

Dove mangiare a City Life i migliori ristoranti
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Where to have lunch (or dinner) in CityLife?

Feltrinelli RED perfect for an easy break

The menu is eclectic, with mostly simple dishes. At RED you can have lunch or dinner immersed in fine literature and jazz music in the background.

  • Price: <20€ for a lunch menu that includes water and coffee.
  • Menu: the menu varies from pasta, meat, fish, salads etc., but remains simple and the ingredients are good quality. The fixed menu is accompanied by the “specials of the day” menu.
  • Service: I often go with 4-5 colleagues and we’re generally able to be seated and eat in less than an hour (in any case, I suggest you reserve in the morning because they don’t accept reservations after 12.00!).
  • Bonus: if you ever find yourselves in a situation like “where should we go?” “Do you feel like having a pizza?” “I’d rather have a salad” “I’m so hungry, I’m craving carbs!”, then RED is the place for you!
pranzare a citylife red feltrinelli credits feltrinelli editore
© Feltrinelli

Fra Diavolo: Pizza in City Life

The brand is not very appealing, but if you are looking for a pizza, I assure you that Pizza Express is the right place for you!

  • Price: >15€
  • Menu: amazing pizza both traditional or modern
  • Service: they are nice and fast
  • Bonus: they also won prizes for their pizza!

Vivo: seafood restaurant in CityLife

If you’re craving fish, Vivo is the place for you!

  • Price: >15€
  • Menu: in addition to the fixed menu of seafood, you also have the catch of the day. The dishes are delicious and excellent quality, but if you’re very hungry, it may not be the right place for you.
  • Service: generally, you can do everything in less than an hour.
  • Bonus: ideal in summer as the restaurant has an outdoor terrace surrounded by a flower garden – known for being the favorite place for to bring someone for a date
Pranzo a CityLife (3)
© Vivo

Sushi in CityLife, Milan: Feel

Are you in the mood for sushi? Feel is the place for you. Located in Via Boezio, a short walk away from Piazza 6 Febbraio and a 5-minute walk from CityLife, the Feel is one of the places I absolutely love for the excellent quality (and quantity) / price ratio!

  • Price: roughly €15, with water, and your choice of miso soup, salad or spring roll.
  • Menu: sushi
  • Service: speedy. I’d recommend booking a table the day before, especially if you’re more than two or three people.
  • Bonus: despite being a seafood restaurant, you can go there without having to wash your clothes (ideal if you have meetings in the afternoon!)
Pranzo a CityLife (2)
© Feel

Where to have aperitivo (or dinner) in CityLife?

Bomaki Uramakeria in CityLife

Bomaki is, and remains to be, my favorite Brazilian Sushi restaurant in Milan: delicious sushi fusion, drinks and excellent value for money, both for lunch and dinner!

  • Price: >€15
  • Menu: Japanese-Brazilian sushi fusion
  • Service: at lunchtime, the restaurant is completely full of people, and so the service is hopelessly slow, but at dinner, especially during the week, it’s a great place to eat.
  • Bonus: the menu offers an aperitivo for € 7 (including drink + edamame, selection of uromaki), perfect for a post-office drink.
Pranzo a CityLife (5)
© Bomaki

GUD CityLife Milan: a great place for a drink

  • Price: <€10
  • Menu: drink + snacks
  • Servizio: n.a.
  • Bonus: GUD (chapeau to whoever came up with the idea!), is certainly among the most Instagrammed places of the summer. Situated in the middle of a vegetable garden, the location gives off a country-esque atmosphere: hay bales, beach towels and beach umbrellas, which are illuminated by lights in the evening. The somewhat Coachella/beach party mood makes GUD the perfect place if you’re looking for a husband. (Know that consultants from the most famous consulting firms proliferate in the area). So, if you’re looking for someone in their thirties who works in the world of finance or consulting, forget about Radetzky in Corso Como and opt for GUD! P.S. Remember the tropical mosquito repellent.
Pranzo a CityLife (4)

Some final suggestions on Citylife Milano restaurants

Few other places to try:

  • Pokè House
  • Svinazzando
  • California bakery
  • That’s Vapore
  • Peck

If you’re organizing to reserve a table for eating out, Friday is the day for you. Not everyone knows this, but in the world of insurance there’s what’s called “Insurance Friday”, which ends at 2PM for most people!

But what about coffee?! In CityLife, you have: Venchi (where, in addition to the € 1.10 coffee they will give you some chocolate), Cioccolati Italiani and other bars. But, if you really want to maximize the quantity / price ratio, know that on the ground floor of the shopping center, in front of Tiger, there’s Juicy Bar stand where, for the price of a coffee, they’ll also give you a small cup of ice cream!

Article written by contributor Katherine Melendrez


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