Where to go for a drink and an aperitif around Bocconi

Aperitif, Drink / Saturday, September 21st, 2019

I’ve already told you about the best cocktail bars in Milan and my favorite places to have dinner in Porta Romana. Here I’d like to talk about my favorite places to have a drink and an aperitif around Bocconi.

The Luigi Bocconi business university is based in South Milan and most of its students live in the area between Navigli and Porta Romana. Here are some of my favorite bars in this young and student-filled area.

Between Bocconi and Navigli 

Fonderie Milanesi: the abundant aperitif (with outdoor seating)

Fonderie Milanesi is one of my certainties when I want to drink a good cocktail (and have a nice buffet-style aperitif). The place is very nice, the style is easygoing and industrial with exposed brick and vintage signs. The cocktails are excellent and … I think one of the bartenders might Fedez’s long lost twin! Take note: Fonderie is a very well-known place, so it’s worthwhile to call and book! Especially in the summer, as it is one of the few places with nice outdoor seating.


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Fonderie Milanesi
Via Giovenale, 7

Al Cortile: a hidden gem

Al Cortile is a hidden gem whose garden is connected to that of the Fonderie Milanesi, despite having entered from very different places. If you come from Fonderie, you have to turn left, follow a narrow street (very creepy), turn again … it’s a veritable mini-maze with useful neon arrows to light the way. And trust me, it’s worth risking getting lost (there is also an easier entry, but I like getting lost in this one!). Al Cortile is a restaurant, but it is also a great place for a light aperitif (definitely not Fonderie’s aperitif buffet). Cocktails are good, the wines are excellent. The service is very kind and the staff is super prepared. I recommend it especially for summer evenings, given the beautiful, quiet and well-kept garden seating.

Al Cortile
Via Giovenale, 7

Between Viale Bligny and via Sabotino

Refeel: a short walk from Porta Romana

Refeel is a place that I recommend for everything from breakfast (excellent brioche!) to after-dinner drinks. The restaurant is very nice, well taken care of, and there are both small tables for couples and large sofas for small groups. The menu includes burgers and other goodies, the aperitif is buffet-style and good quality. The waiters are nice and dog-friendly: they will give you a bowl of water if you have a four-legged friend along for the meal.


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Viale Sabotino, 20

Madison: my favorite aperitif around Bocconi

Madison is my safe haven when I want to sip on a good drink close to home, in a quiet and trendy environment. I’ve been there with groups of friends, and with my boyfriend, for an aperitif, for an after-dinner drink, for brunch, inside during the winter, and at the tables outside during the summer… Madison has never disappointed me. The cocktails are really good, the bartenders are knowledgeable, and the waiters polite. The restaurant has an almost New York-style decor with soft lighting, leather sofas, and signs hanging around… a pleasure for the eyes and a great place to celebrate with friends. The aperitif is my favorite around Bocconi: there is a nice quality buffet, both hot and cold, with dishes ranging from chicken to curry with basmati rice to pizza by the slice to legume soup with tomato pasta and vegetables au gratin.

Viale Sabotino, 12

Pravda: where vodka is at homes

Pravda is the reference point for those who want to drink good vodka in Milan. The place is unpretentious, the seats are very few and in fact there is always a small crowd outside the bar. Cocktails cost about 8 euros, a very honest price for Milan. The bartenders are kind and well-prepared. Here’s a tip: rely on them. And of course, order something made with vodka!

Pravda Vodka Bar
Via Carlo Vittadini, 6

Between Bocconi and the ring road

Santeria: live music and great drinks 

If you are from Milan, you can’t not know Santeria, which has bars in both Città Studi and the Bocconi areaa. Santeria likes to call itself a great cultural center and hosts events of all kinds, serving as everything from a concert venue to a nightclub. But the thing that has always surprised me about Santeria are the drinks. The drinks are always perfect even when the barmen face long lines and pressure to move quickly. The drink list has both the classics and original cocktails with unusual ingredients like chamomile. And if you get hungry, Santeria also has excellent cuisine!

Viale Toscana, 31

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